How To Come Up With Great Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen

By Ewan McIntosh

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Can the education world innovate, share and build on new ideas, taking them out of individual classrooms? Yes.

That’s what Ewan McIntosh's début book will share with you, through practical steps, workshop activities for your own teams in your learning environment, and with plenty of real success stories.

What could schools ever learn from luxury fashion houses, global tech, media and telecoms companies, and the world’s biggest businesses of tomorrow - the startups? I work in schools and universities as well as in creative organisations and I've discovered there is much each could learn from the other when it comes to leading innovation.

In the time I spend with school leaders and teachers, I see many struggling with overload, rejection and abortive attempts at innovation. Why does the formal education sector seem to have so much pain in creating fast change? And are the challenges faced in education any different to those faced by the fashion, media or telecoms companies?

This book will help you achieve ambitious visions for learning through swift innovation. We will borrow from the people who invent what we all end up using tomorrow, create much from very little, and refine their ideas with a swiftness few of those in larger corporations, Government or schools have seen.

Depending on the version you get, nearly 200 pages of strategies, colour photographs, charts and activities to try with your team.

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