Can Computers Keep Secrets?

Can Computers Keep Secrets?

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How can we rekindle our curiosity and the curiosity of our students? Find out how in this "must-read for parents and educators alike" with globally recognised educator Tom Barrett's début book Can Computers Keep Secrets: How a Six-Year-Old's Curiosity Could Change the World.

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"Tom illuminates the global educational landscape with his insights into children's minds. He captures the essential awe and wonder of discovery and learning."

Dr Neil Hopkin, Head Teacher, Peters Hill Primary School, Dudley, UK


If you had super powers how would you control them?

What is the crumbliest thing in the world?

Is houmous made from wasps?

What would the Queen sound like if she sang?

What funny questions six-year-olds come out with! As educators and parents we seem to answer thousands of them a day. But could they be more important than we realise? What if there’s more to them than just an expression of an excitable imagination? Where could these questions lead and how do we keep them coming?

By recording a list of one child’s questions, we explore how this curiosity could fuel future creativity, we consider at what point in our lives we begin to slow this questioning down and we investigate what adults can do to help develop a child’s questioning mind to enhance future innovation.


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Ollie Bray, Principal: Kingussie High School, Scotland "Such a simple idea, perfectly executed."

I downloaded this for my Kindle and started to read the first few pages. I had no intention of reading the full book. But then a few hours later I ran out of text having digested a beautiful and addictive read - lost in Tom's words, the time just seemed to slip away as I found myself nodding and smiling as I weaved my way through the text.

The narrative is wonderfully written, highly personal, linked with beautiful prose combining both personal observations, thoughts and research.

Through real-life questions from Tom's six year old boy, George, such as `How tall is a rainbow?' and `Does Darth Vader have freckles?', Tom explores what it means to be curious and the importance of children asking questions to help them understand an increasingly complex world.

Reading the book helps remind us as people who work with children that we should be developing curiosity rather than extracting it from young people as they move through our school systems.


Chris Harte, John Monash Science School, Melbourne, Australia

"A must read for educators and parents alike."

Tom has taken the beautifully simple idea of recording his six year old son's questions and weaved a thought provoking and inspiring narrative around it. In keeping with its theme, reading this book forces us to question what we can do to keep our children's sense of awe and wonder alive and, as importantly, how to reignite our own curiosity for the beauty and complexity of the world around us. 

What people say about Tom Barrett:

"Through our work with Tom we now have an assessment pathway driven by children, leaving behind a map so others can follow and share their adventure."Kate Atkins, Head Teacher, Rosendale Primary School, London, UK

"A truly inspiring example of how to have students learning at the forefront." Danielle Carter, Brisbane Catholic Education Office


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